Hi Everybody!

I’m thinking I want this blog (and my life) to be positive, not just bad stuff about cancer. So I’ve decided to go on more adventures, the more the better! (The photo above is me with my bestie Shellie at the Berkeley Art Museum, weekend before last.) And I’m looking for ideas. Looks like I’m not going to make it to Italy, where in the Bay Area is a fun substitute? Weekend trips driving distance from home? Trips you’d like to make with me. Let’s make some memories while we can. The time for fun is now.

“Got a place for my friend to stay in the EB?”

My friend Vickie Hall has very generously offered to help Brian and I clean our apartment. (We all know this is a BIG give) But, she lives in Redding and would be coming down a couple of days at a time. Does anyone have the space to put her up, in the East Bay preferably?

I’m trying to make an effort to pare down my possessions and her assistance would be a great help. Anyone else who wants to clean and or organize? my door is open.

Probably the best way to reach me is to text my cell.

Health update

Last week sucked. I spiked a fever on Tuesday and my doc put me in the hospital Wednesday. It’s really easy, with Cholangiocarsinoma, to get an infection where the liver is connected to the small intestine. (That’s also where most of my tumors are)

But 2 days pumping me full of lots of antibiotics and a quick surgery to replace my stents and I’m good to go. I was out by Friday afternoon.



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