Where we left off…

Unfortunate news in that Judy was not able to get into the trial in Louisville, KY as hoped due to some insurance red tape (in that they won’t take it). We got a little lead down the garden path as they thought that Portland, OR might be a good alternative—but same same—the healthcare system in the US SUCKS!!!!! Unless you’re infinitely wealthy. Then, it’s hunky dory.

The upside is that there will be no additional delay to her starting treatment, and she is embarking on chemotherapy right away!

Surgery is off the table…

Originally, and for quite a while, we thought that a surgical intervention was going to be the most advantageous. However, in the interim, those little cells decided to continue to mutate and proliferate and have spread between the gallbladder, the bile duct, and the liver—but are contained to that general area. The good news is that as there aren’t signs of cancer in her lymph nodes which indicates that it has not spread systemically. Woo!

Chemo is the most advantageous and hopeful approach at this point, and so Judy cheerfully got her little chemo port installed on Friday and is “looking forward to” starting this week.


During a factilicious chemo class last week the ins-and-outs of the process were discussed, complete with the gory details. Some things we learned were:

  • She will be very nauseous, especially right after the weekly treatments (taking place on Mondays)
  • She will have an awesome opportunity to wear wigs (the hair’s going to go splitsville)
  • She’s can’t eat raw fish. (OK, maybe NOT the most critical piece of information, but dammit! Sushi!!)

The show…

As mentioned previously, the turn-out for the art show was beyond fabulous. All of you incredible people who showed up and contributed in all the ways really put the shine in our sun. 

The show will still be up through the end of the month. We too will be having another shindig on the 29th for a “Fuck Cancer Tear-down Party”. Please help us make this normally solemn occasion fun and upbeat for a goddamn change! 

I guess that’s it for now…

We would encourage you to reach out via the contact form or email Alexis at alexisrachel@gmail.com with any questions, comments, suggestions, strange philosophical assertions, et al. rather than contacting Judy directly. Especially now that treatment is starting in earnest this will be the far better option for her. That isn't to say that she won't be getting back to you personally, it just takes one more step off her psychic heap. 


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