We had an absolutely  amazing opening reception followed by a steady weekend, and now, thanks to the generosity of the gallery proprietor, Lisa, we will have the show up and available for sale through the end of December

How exciting!

We had an amazingly colorfully* cheerful weekend crowned by the opening event on Friday, December 7th. So many well-wishers and supporters had the exhausted but delighted Judy beaming throughout the inspiring evening. Not to be cheesy (but really, what the hell—when your gal-pal has cancer, why the eff not!), you could truly feel the love.

Lot’s of Judy’s work sold as well as that of the many other artists that donated their work to the cause. Several are still up for grabs, including a piece generously donated by Mark Pauline, of SRL fame! You are all the absolute remarkable best. Honestly.

Also a special shout-out to all the friends and family who volunteered, most of which are mentioned here: Joanne Bloomfield, Jennifer Rivera, Amy Jenkins, Rebecca Cates, Meggan Oxford, Michele Bellah, Sue Glover, John Law, Jennifer Holmes, Katy Bell & Tracy Hobbs. Robert Collison, Abbey Reynolds & Aaron. You were of such great help and facilitated the evening going off without a hitch—it wouldn’t have been nearly the perfect time without your generous assistance in the different capacities.

And last, but far-and-away not least, all of you who have contributed and bought and just been all-around amazingly supportive people. Thank you from the bottom our hearts. You have no idea what this means to Judy and all of us on “Team Judy”—which we really all are, aren’t we?.

*Imagine that, a Judy Garvey show colorful?

The show will be hanging through December 29th 2018, with Saturday [1-6pm] and Sunday [1-5pm] hours. Appointments to see the collection will be available within 24 hours of calling Brian at 

It’s a flyer! that you should be able to enlarge!

Hey, don’t go yet!

Also! We are going to have a fun and energetic “Fuck Cancer [Show] Tear Down” party on December 29th, noon-ish til five-ish. ‘Will post invite here when solidified.

Need Weekend Volunteers!

We’re earnestly seeking volunteers to help man the gallery weekend afternoons on December 16th, 22nd, and 23rd. Please drop us a line if you can help out.


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