Post by Alexis

Finally. Last Thursday (Nov. 29) Judy underwent a successful procedure to get a biopsy of the tissue in the affected area—something required to inform any kind of treatment at this point. They also replaced the bile duct stents, which was just fine with her considering she was beginning to see the old liver-related symptoms again. 

Not to be outdone by the other organs, her pancreas (the brat) decided to act up whilst Judy was convalescing on the heels of the treatment/procedure at her sister’s, hours away, and she had to be transferred by ambulance back to her now “home” hospital in San Francisco (UCSF Benioff—oo-la-la) due to pancreatitis. The pancreas is a sensitive soul, apparently, and throws a tantrum when his other organ friends are messed with.

Despite the suite room she’s in, Judy will be happy to say adieu to “The Benioff” tomorrow morning. We expect results sometime this week.

A reminder: We’re having an art show for Judy this coming weekend in Berkeley with an opening reception on Friday 7-10 pm. Come to buy some of Judy’s gorgeous work or just to show support for our wonderful friend.  


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