Update: Judy got her CATscan pushed up to this Friday, November 9th.

TL;DR: Judy met with her new surgeon who was impressive and direct. A high-resolution CATscan is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14th.

Judy met her new oncological surgeon at UCSF on Monday! They had an excellent and informative discussion about the nature of the possible medical interventions and outcomes, and while nothing “new”, per se, was discussed, he was very direct and forthcoming with information. Both Judy and Brian were very impressed with his knowledge and expertise. He emphasized the “team” nature of their work which too is an asset, compared to other smaller surgical groups consulted with. Her surgical oncologist will be the leader, but otherwise, it will be a definitive team effort.

Some things did come out of this meeting that weren’t necessarily discussed explicitly during other previous consultations. There is a possibility that a surgical intervention isn’t an option depending on the anatomy of her bile duct, the tumor, and its relation to the hepatic artery (which is the main supply of blood to the liver)—so the first order of business is a higher resolution CATscan which will be taking place a week from Wednesday. And it turns out that no laparoscopic exploratory surgery will be necessary with this new team.

—Post by Alexis


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