Yay! Judy was released from the hospital today after a 5-day stint for an infection related to her cancer.

As with any gut infection, treating it was rather intensive involving between 2 and 3 different intravenous antibiotics while she was there.

She realized that something wasn’t right when she was cramping and nauseous and wisely went to the ER. They admitted her immediately and she was on IV and no solid foods until last evening as she slowly recovered.

Headed to her sister’s family’s home in Graton now, she’s counting on some much needed R&R.

Her recovery was greatly bolstered by the amazing response to her Go Fund Me site!

Wow, are you people amazing! She and Brian are immensely grateful for your help in relieving the huge financial burden of recovery allowing her to heal unimpaired by that weight.

Other news [UCSF]:

Judy’s insurance has approved the consultation visit with the surgeon at UCSF who is renowned for their treatment in this area. She has an appointment for Monday and we are hoping that she will be fast-tracked for surgery and related treatments then. However, it is rare that a surgery date will be provided upon the 1st consultation—so we will be waiting to find out about that.

Stay tuned…


– Post by Alexis



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